Ms. Carman creates manuals, booklets, guides and other easy-to-use, accessible resources for the helping professions.


“Human service staff confront difficult and stressful situations day after day – and often lack support and guidance as they do so. While nothing can substitute for the high pay, in-depth training and quality supervision these counselors deserve, I felt motivated to contribute in some small way.”

The SAFE Coordinator’s Handbook: Lessons Learned in Queens

(New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 2010.)
This Q and A guide, developed at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, NY, is designed for Emergency Department staff caring for victims of sexual assault. Supported in part by the Joyful Heart Foundation, this manual was distributed to rape crisis programs and hospitals throughout the state.

Available as PDF from The Joyful Heart Foundation

Helping Kids Heal: 75 Activities to Help Children Recover from Trauma and Loss

(The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, 2004.)
This volume contains activities to use with school-age children after an acutely traumatic event, or in response to the chronic upheaval and loss experienced by children in at-risk communities.

Available from The Bureau for At-Risk Youth at 1-800-99-YOUTH and from Amazon

Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out: Helping Teens Manage Conflict in the Real World

(The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, 2007.)
This reproducible activity book teaches practical skills for handling conflicts, with a focus on addressing the underlying emotional issues influencing how teens approach such situations.

Available from The Bureau for At-Risk Youth at 1-800-99-YOUTH and from Amazon

How Are We Now? Promoting Continued Healing for Our Children

Editor (JPMorganChase, Bright Horizons, and Mercy Corps, 2003.)
This resource guide addressing the anniversary of 9/11 was distributed to 40,000 psychotherapists and other social service staff.

Downloadable pdf

» Publications in which Ms. Carman collaborated with other authors:

The Doctor-Activist: Physicians Fighting For Social Change

By Ellen Bassuk, M.D. with Rebecca Carman (Plenum, 1996.)

Ten autobiographies of doctors struggling to improve the lives of disadvantaged patients while forwarding important social issues.

Available from: Barnes & Noble

Becoming The World

by Laura Simms with editing by Rebecca Carman (Mercy Corps, 2003.)

Written by master storyteller Laura Simms, Becoming the World includes tales gathered from around the world as well as companion guidelines and activities.

Available from:

On The Ground After 9/11

Editors: Yael Danieli, Ph.D. and Robert Dingman, Ed.D. with contributions by Rebecca Carman and many others. (Haworth Press, 2005.)

Accounts by mental health professionals in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks.

Available from: Barnes & Noble

Community Care for Homeless Families: A Program Design Manual

By Ellen Bassuk, M.D., Rebecca Carman and Linda Weinreb, M.D. (National Center on Family Homelessness, 1990.)

This manual, distributed by the Interagency Council on the Homeless, describes a long-term plan for reducing homelessness and improving the well-being of homeless families.

Available from: National Center on Family Homelessness